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Explore the cutting-edge realm of running biomechanics and learn to conduct a thorough running analysis in this all online course!

clinical running health class


Systemically analyze running biomechanics through sagittal and coronal views during slow-motion examinations

Explore running injury incidence, including causative factors like impact loading rates and abnormal hip biomechanics

Learn to complete a comprehensive observational running analysis in just 5 minutes

Differentiate characteristics of Chi, Pose, barefoot, and cushioned shoe running styles 

Understand how to manage and communicate between MDs, rehab clinicians, and running athletes 

Essential – Includes core theory, concepts and applications

Advanced – Includes in-depth theory, concepts and applications of information and/or techniques that are beyond the Essential Level.

$155 for the Online Course (6.5 CEUs)



Elevate your understanding of running biomechanics with our Clinical Running Health course. Explore the latest research, debunk common misconceptions, and gain the tools to conduct a quick yet comprehensive observational running analysis for runners of all levels. Our instructors break down critical phases of running and relate abnormal biomechanics to injuries, helping you foster a strategic alliance between running athletes and their care team. 

Join us in enhancing your proficiency in running health to deliver effective, specialized care to runners of all athletic levels. 

running analysis






Bridge the gap between science and application in just one transformative day. 

  • Perform a systematic video analysis in the sagittal and coronal view during a slow-motion running exam

  • Summarize the evidence on running injury incidence, including causative factors such as impact loading rates, abnormal hip biomechanics, and programming 

  • Distinguish the characteristics of the Chi, Pose, barefoot, and cushioned shoe running styles

  • Understand the stratetic alliance factors in the management and communication between the MD to the rehab clinician to the running athlete 



running health class review

This course should be part of the curriculum in current/future DPT programs!I'm extremely excited to put this modality into practical use and educate not only my patients, but providers and students!

Casey Johnston

running health class review

Great courses with just enough history, evidence, theory, labs and practice.  Highly recommend them for anyone that enjoys body work. I also think they're great for athletes to understand how to recover from repetitive workouts.

Tricia Grant

running health class review

Mindblowing! I'm so used to static cupping , since i taken up the level 1 course , it has open up my eyes on new ways of intervention and application of MFD. I tried on my clients and it gave positive results

Mohamad Khaizal Abdul Samad



Our passionate and experienced instructors bring expertise, innovation, and a commitment to excellence to every learning experience.

running health instructors



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