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Course Date & Time:

Saturday April 13 & 14, 2024 


Course Location: 

Mariano Sanchez Fontecilla




*An online didactic review portion will be required before attending the course. The time requirement for the self-paced session is approximately 2 hours.


MFD: Myofascial Decompression Techniques; Increased efficiency of motion through fascial mobility and neuromuscular re-education.


Who can take the course: PT, ATC, LMT, PTA, OT, MD, DO, LAc, and other health care professionals.


Pre-Requisites: Proof of licensure or certification.

Recommended: Basic course in manual therapy, understanding of end feel; tissue texture changes.


Level One Course Objectives:

• Understand the properties skin/fascia and its interface with the musculoskeletal and neurologic systems.

• Understand histological subunits of myofascial layers, trigger points, common referred pain patterns, fascial lines, and Janda’s concepts.

• Understand precautions and contraindications when using negative pressure tools; documentation and billing

• Demonstrate appropriate and effective handling when using negative pressure with movment in lab settings with competency


Level Two Objectives:

· Understand how to operate the precision MFD pump at specific mmHg to target specific tissue layers, and visualize the imaging research that matches these recomendations.

· Understand how to utilize MFD to assist with lymphatic flow and dysfunction.

· Understand the basic principles of muscle inhibition, and how to utilize MFD for inhibitory influence to promote improvements in coordination and movement efficiency.

· Understand the basic principles of kinesthetic awareness and proprioception, and how MFD is used with kinesthetic awareness cueing to improve movement efficiency.

· Be able to combine MFD techniques (extensibility, inhibition, and kinesthetic awareness) with neuromuscular re-education principles to build a program for specific sport populations.

· Demonstrate in lab manual applications of MFD to treat specific sport populations including cyclists, runners, swimmers, golfers, contact sport athletes & throwing athletes.

· Administer specific intermediate neuromuscular re-education principles after MFD to restore optimal function, as demonstrated in lab.


Upon completion of the Level 2 course, there is an opportunity to take a certification exam. Exam components include 40 question mulitple choice design with practical as a lab portion. 

Santiago, Chile - Level 1 & Level 2 Combo

  • Please specify first and last name you want printed on your certification upon completing course. Please also include corresponding email. If you are purchasing more than 1 course, please list all attendee names and corresponding emails as well. 

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