Course tuition includes new Curved cup 3-pack kit on the day of course


• Describe the details of variation for techniques carried over from the Level 1 Myofascial Decompression course.
• Summarize the evidence in the literature on trigger points, their associated referred pain patterns, and techniques for management; including IASTM and negative pressure devices.
• Distinguish the relevance of fascial slings and how they correlate to typically known Chinese Medicine meridians and points.
• Describe the common association of acupuncture points to Western based trigger points in the myofascia.
• Demonstrate manual applications of MFD to treat specific sport populations including cyclists, runners, swimmers, golfers, contact sport athletes and throwing athletes.
• Administer specific intermediate and advanced neuromuscular re-education principles after MFD to restore optimal function.

Opportunity to take Certification exam available at end of course. Exam components include 45 question mulitple choice design with practical as a lab portion.  


Clinic Address:

1240 Iroquois Ave #400

Naperville, IL 60563


Chicago Level 2 Advanced MFD w/ Kit May2

  • Please specify first and last name you want printed on your certification upon completing course. Please also include corresponding email. If you are purchasing more than 1 course, please list all attendee names and corresponding emails as well. 


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